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Here are the science topics that I'm interested in and have been working on. Collaborations are very welcome. If you're student and interested in doing a summer project on one of this topics, please don't hesitate to contact me for more details. 
Galactic archeology
     Quantifying the roles played by radial migration and local star formation history in shaping the Milky Way leveraging precise stellar age and multi-element abundances of stars across the Galaxy.
      Chemical evolution modelling in external galaxies, including abundances of individual stars in nearby satellites and integrated stellar population of distant galaxies.
Disk structure of the Milky Way
     Mapping density distribution and structure of mono-abundance (-age) populations. 
     The size of the Milky Way. 
     Archeology of stellar substructures and overdensities in the Milky Way. 
How special our Milky Way is? 
     Integrated stellar population properties, e.g., stellar age, metallicity, [alpha/Fe], and their spatial variation.  
     Stellar population properties of thick disk in the Milky Way and external galaxies. 
     Drawing an image of the Milky Way using data from large stellar surveys.  


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