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I obtained my PhD from University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei) in late 2016. During my PhD, I have done a variety of works on the galaxy star formation history, especially the quenching process that is responsible for transition from blue star forming to red quiescent galaxies, mass-metallicity relation and structure of compact galaxies. At Portsmouth, my research focused on the chemical evolution of galaxies and our Milky Way. For this purpose, I developed a numerical chemical evolution model code to model the mass-metallicity relation and metallicity gradient for both gas and stars in local galaxies. The code is further expanded to predict the [alpha/Fe]-[Fe/H]-age distribution of individual stars in the Milky Way after I moved to Utah. The dataset I have used and am using now includes those from APOGEE stellar spectroscopic survey, MaNGA IFU survey, SDSS single-fibre spectroscopic survey, and HST/CANDELS, GALEX, and WISE imaging data.  

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